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Welcome to the International Conference on AIware!

AIware aims to bring the software engineering community together in anticipation of the upcoming changes driven by FMs and look at them from the perspective of AI-powered software and their evolution.

Upcoming conferences

AIware 2024, Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

AIware Steering Committee

For the latest members of the AIware Steering Committee please see here.

Past events

FM+SE Vision 2030, Mexico City, Mexico (summary report available here)


“Software for all and by all” is the future of humanity. AIware, i.e., AI-powered software, has the potential to democratize software creation. We must reimagine software and software engineering (SE), enabling individuals of all backgrounds to participate in its creation with higher reliability and quality. Over the past decade, software has evolved from human-driven Codeware to the first generation of AIware, known as Neuralware, developed by AI experts. Foundation Models (FMs, including Large Language Models or LLMs), like GPT, ushered in software’s next generation, Promptware, led by domain and prompt experts. However, this merely scratches the surface of the future of software. We are already witnessing the emergence of the next generation of software, Agentware, in which humans and intelligent agents jointly lead the creation of software. With the advent of brain-like World Models and brain-computer interfaces, we anticipate the arrival of Mindware, representing another generation of software. Agentware and Mindware promise greater autonomy and widespread accessibility, with non-expert individuals, known as Software Makers, offering oversight to autonomous agents.

The software engineering community will need to develop fundamentally new approaches and evolve existing ones, so they are suitable for a world in which software creation is within the reach of Software Makers of all levels of SE expertise, as opposed to solely expert developers. We must recognize a shift in where expertise lies in software creation and start making the needed changes in the type of research that is being conducted, the ways that SE is being taught, and the support that is offered to software makers.


For questions about the AIware conference series, please contact the AIware Steering Committee (aiwareconf at googlegroups dot com).